Revenge to Oneself / TANSTAAFL

This is the second electronic music album by yuji sugiyama‘s unit LOGIK FREAKS, which is active as a producer and engineer.

The album is an outtake of the first album released in 1995, but also includes some newly recorded works.

This album is composed of original compositions that are chiil-ambient and influenced by the remixes on the first album.

The influence of techno music of the mid-1990s, which can be called calm and cerebral dance music, is also evident.

The next album is also very promising.

  1. A simple wonder 
  2. De is De-centralization or De-lusion
  3. new factory tested
  4. Whuffie Addict
  5. Which Chain? 
  6. On Chain 

Bonus Track

  1. A simple wonder to make